About Us

“Science and Art belong to the whole world, and before them
vanish the barrier of nationality”

With this thought as our inspiration and guide, Craftoptions is engaged to bring a plethora of immaculate pieces of art and art forms to choose from. The items that we offer are truly Indian in spirit and feel but their functionality is also truly universal. These are painstakingly handpicked from the sea of diverse Indian markets spread throughout the length and breadth of this wonderland, which are as varied as colors of a rainbow but when assembled by our master craftsmen can leave the onlooker spellbound under the their intense magnetic captivity.

Craft options brings you the finest artifacts from the Indian subcontinent, which you will love to cherish forever – our whole array of products captures both the aesthetic and modern feel of the new India which will leave you totally mesmerized and wanting for more.
The exclusive Indian crafts we offer are special as they completely integrate into the daily lives of million of Indians and by this virtue they easily fit into the busy lives people all round the world.