Crafts In India

India has a rich history of handicrafts that has evolved over the centuries. The entire wealth of timeless Indian handicrafts have survived through ages. The legacy of Indian culture promises everything- beauty, dignity, form and style. The magnetic appeal of Indian culture resides in its exclusivity, its mystical tone that leaves people amazed at their sight. Here at Craftoptions we also bring some of these beautiful handicrafts from India.

Gemstone Paintings

Gemstone painting is an internationally collectible Indian art form. Using traditional techniques, painting is first sketched on a glass plate. Precious and semi precious natural gemstones are then conscientiously selected, grinded and finally adorned in glass. After hours of painstaking laborious work by skilled craftsman using only hands, the result is an exquisite, intricate & detailed product. Each with its own character, because no two gemstones are alike and because each painting is made one at a time.

Features of GemStone paintings:

Made from natural authentic precious and semi precious gemstones.
No artificial/synthetic colors are used.
Color remains longlasting because crushed gemstones are used as colors.
Come in various sizes, affixed in various products, and portraying various pictures.

Miniature Paintings

The Art of the Miniature
A miniature art object represents an intimate world breathtakingly executed, minitiaturing every single detail of the subject matter. The term miniature relates first of all to technique and only secondly to the size of a painting. The miniature technique is a specialized way of producing a perfect balance of color and detail. The colors are natural, made from various herbs or crushed and powdered precious or semi-precious stones. To get fine details, the artist may even have to use a brush with a single bristle. When viewed closely, a feeling of preciousness is sensed through a series of thinly applied layers of brilliant colors intended to reflect light, showing a high standard of design, and mastery of the chosen media and palette. The paintings are intended to invoke a mood of devotion or inspiration in the viewer, paralleling the mood the artists often use while painting.

History of Rajasthans Miniature Paintings

The State of Rajasthan is amongst the most creative producers of crafts in India. The spirit of Rajasthans history and legend, colored by chivalry and romance, finds expression in miniature paintings of different painting schools. The miniature art form evolved from 16th century, when the Mughal ruler Humayun brought persian master artists from the city of Tabriz to Rajputana - as Rajasthan was called in the ancient times. These paintings provide an interesting insight into the lifestyle of the centuries and continue to fascinate scholars to this day.

Each major center of miniatures in Rajasthan - Amber/Jaipur, Kishangarh, Mewar/Udaipur and Bundi/Kota - has its own style and pattern of design and color. Jaipur is the major center of gemstone paintings. Kishangarh has perfected the art of painting women as the Indian Monalisa. Mewar/Udaipur is known for its visual culture of painting the life of Lord Krishna. Bundi/Kota paintings emphasize hunting scenes, animals, and sharp featured graceful women. These unique styles evolved as fusion of Indian pre historic art of painting, as have also been found on caves and pottery items dating as early as 10,000 B.C., and the Mughal art.

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