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  An Unusual and Stunning 100% handcrafted miniature Painting from Jaipur city of Rajasthan India is hand painted and framed in teakwood bordered glass frame . Each painting is the result of hours of painstaking laborious work and a product so intricate & detailed that you cannot help but marvel at the skill and technique.

This artistic work would make a wonderfully unique gift for your loved ones.

Fabric: Silk

Frame : Teakwood bordered glass frame

Measures: L-8.50”x W-7.00”

A work of fine art in miniature is a particularly personal object that draws the viewer into an intimate, concentrated little world that is breathtaking in its execution. Every single detail is miniaturized the scale of the subject matter, the brush strokes; so that only with high magnification can one behold the immaculate details of the artist's technique. The term miniature relates first of all to technique and as an identification and only secondly to the size of a painting. This technique is a specialized means of producing a perfect balance of color and detail in a series of thinly applied layers of colors intended to reflect light, showing a high standard of design, and mastery of the chosen media and palette. There is a feeling of preciousness associated with the art form due in part to the fact that it can usually be held in the palm of your hand and displays finely detailed work in brilliant, gem-like colors.
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